BYE! Endurance Bar - 30 x 40g

The BYE! Endurance Bar is made with a foundation of oatmeal flakes, combined with real fruits and added to that are i.a. Chia seeds, Quinoa and wheat germ. These ingredients make sure that energy is released one by one. This energy is of course needed to achieve  a high end performance! De taste of this bar is also extraordinary. The bar is available in four innovational flavors. We of BYE stand behind our brand and dare to say with confidence that a sports bar has never tasted this good! The natural sugars in fruit and wheat germ produce quick energy, while the oatmeal and seeds keep your bloodsugarlevels stable. The fats in the bar are of plant-based origin. We chose to make the bar even more delicious by using coco fats. Even more important is that because of this, the bar contains MCT fats. Of which it is scientifically proven that it can improve your endurance performance.

• 100% Natural
• Oatmeal flakes combined with real fruit
• i.a. with chia seeds, Quinoa & Wheat germ
• Delicious flavor variations!
• Soft bite, without coating
• Does not melt or freeze

Ingredients: Oatmeal, glucose syrup, fructose syrup, wheat germ, dried fruits (minimum 10%), coconut oil (contains about 70% MCT fats), linseed oil, chia seeds, quinoa, apple pectin, concentrated lemon juice, sorbitol syrup, sunflower oil.


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