Xendurance Probiotic and Prebiotic - 30 capsules

Gastrointestinal symptoms effect many of us in this rapid paced world we all live in.

A healthy gut not only aids in digestion but can increase your energy levels, support your immune system, help you absorb crucial nutrients from your food and promote optimal body weight. Probiotics are meant to counter many factors that wipe out gut health such as the overuse of antibiotics, diet, toxins in our environment and even age.

Organic Jerusalem Artichoke is a prebiotic that feeds the probiotics and helps them grow and support digestive health. Both probiotics and prebiotics support your system in maintaining a healthy colony of bacteria and other beneficial microorganisms in the gut to proactively improve our imbalances.

The Xendurance Probiotic & Prebiotic is a diverse, 17 strain blend with 10 billion CFUs of known beneficial microbiome delivered in a vegetarian delayed-release, acid-resistant capsule.


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