MOUNTAINDROP is a natural resin-like substance that exudes from the unspoiled slopes of the Altai mountains. In the thousands of years of its creation, this ‘mountain pitch’ gets highly enriched with minerals, vitamins and other vital properties.

MOUNTAINDROP supports your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions allowing you to go beyond your potential. It is lovingly hand-harvested and handcrafted in a special violet glass container that preserves the drop in its original form. This guarantees that you get the best quality as it was naturally meant to be.

MOUNTAINDROP is a natural high-altitude substance known as mumio (moomiyo), mumie, asphaltum or shilajit. This herbomineral nectar gradually oozes from cracks in the rock at an altitude of more than 3000 m above sea level.

Ingredients: 325 grams of unpasteurized chestnut honey and 25 grams of shilajit

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