Concap Force 1 supports athletes with strength building or recovery with intensive effort. It also promotes recovery capacity for non-athletes who live an active life with and without stress. The Force 1 formula is also beneficial for libido. Because of its specific composition of adaptogenic plants, Concap Force 1 gives a supporting effect. Moreover, it is ideal against stress and Concap Force 1 increases both psychic and physical strength and endurance.

Ingredients 450mg coffee bush extract (Coffea arabica), 250mg Tribulus Terrestris, 50mg Maca
CONCAP FORCE 1 contains the herb Tribulus Terrestris. This herb naturally ensures that the testosterone level in the body increases. Testosterone is the male sex hormone that increases protein synthesis (anabolic effect). Your strength increases, allowing you to carry out training more effectively, resulting in more muscle mass and muscle definition. Tribulus Terrestris is an extremely effective alternative to anabolic steroids.


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