BYE! Isotonic Sportdrink - 1kg

For an efficient energy and fluid replenishment!

BYE! Wants to distinguish itself from other traditional sports nutrition brands. We do this by offering products that are developed to improve sport performances, yet on a natural base. We search ingredients for our Gels on the fields, lands and orchards and not in laboratories. Not convinced yet? The great flavour is the evidence!

In all products of BYE! Nutrition, we aspire to produce the highest quality sport nutrition on an as natural possible manner. BYE! has a produced a sport drink without any artificial sweetening!! Mostly aspartame or sucrose is added to reinforce the flavour of the sport drink. We do not!! At BYE! the fresh flavour is produced by using natural ingredients. We at BYE! believe in evidence that natural sport nutrition will service the body better than chemically manipulated products.

During a sport effort you lose besides carbohydrates also fluid and minerals. This influences your performance: a fluid loss of 2% of your total bodyweight causes a performance reduce of at least 10%. So replenishment of minerals and fluid is of great importance. By using BYE! Isotonic sport drink you counteract this effect and prevent the loss of performance, you keep your fluid balance on order and important carbohydrates will be complemented.

Specific characteristics of the BYE! Isotonic sport drink:

• Produced of natural ingredients
• Does NOT contain artificial flavouring or colouring
• 100% natural of flavour
• Deliciously freshening
• 2 in 1 sport drink
• To be dosed as isotonic sport drink, 14,5 litres.
• To be dosed as hypotonic sport drink, 25 litres.
• Contains all necessary essential electrolytes
• Contains 375mg of Natrium
• Contains 100mg of Magnesium

Ingredients: Dextrose, fructose, maltodextrin, citric acid, sodium chloride, calcium (lactate), potassium (citrate), magnesium (citrate), natural red berry flavors, arabic gum, silicon, natural color: beta-carotene.


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